Roda mobile master -

Detail information

Detail Information

This is the first in a range of Roda- Antennas. The ‘Mobile –Master’ is the latest refinement inn centre loaded high efficiency whips which overcomes many of the problems of the traditional ‘Screwdriver Antennas’.

Some ‘screwdriver’ type units can’t really tune to 80 Metres they often only tune down to3.8MHZ – not much use in Australia or New-Zealand Band plans. Roda have designed a coil that tunes across the HF band, standard! No whips to change just wind her down from the driver’s seat to your preferred DX. Frequencies. Interested - see FAQs.

  • Manual switch unit and terminating plug to antenna /1.2 Meter standard whip
  • Velcro switch mounting swatch/ Waterproof RF connecter/ mounting & operating instructions

    Note:  12 volt termination of switch to be provided by purchaser.

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