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Roda Mobile Master 80m-10m

3.5 to 30 MHz tuneable motorized mobile Antenna (80 to 10 Metres)

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Roda Mobile Master 40m-6m

7 to 54 MHz tuneable motorized mobile Antenna (40 to 6 Metres)

Roda Mobile MasterTactical Mount

Currently in development


Home Base Mount with Ground Plane

We have had a number customers purchasing our motorised antennas, not for mobile applications, but for home base installation. We considered this to be a very valid option as in our changing living conditions and living in cities often presents a problem for large or long antennas. This option gives our customers an ability to maintain an interest in Amateur radio across the HF spectrum.


FANT in Development


or if you like an F call compact home base antenna - Most Foundation licence operators have not had the experience at producing their own antennas. Dave has seen a need for these operators and is developing a simple to install 80 40 15 & 10 metre solution.


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