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Some FAQ's About our Products


Are the RODA Mobile Master Antennas realy better?

The Roda-Antennas are designed and built with the highest Quality components and Production techniques.

Are they cost effective?

Roda-Antennas are costed on both their quality and affordability. They are well placed approximately in the middle of the Market.

Can I buy components to make my own?

No, we do not supply parts in kit form; however, we do stock a complete inventory of parts for warranty claims or accidental damage repairs for existing customers.

Can I use third party ‘Screwdriver’ controllers to drive my ’Mobile Master

Yes, the Roda- Antennas come complete with a ‘Turns Counter’ circuit fitted standard in Roda motorised antennas.

What happens if the motor jams or I accidently operate it at non standard voltage?

Roda- Antennas come standard with ‘current sensing technology’; if the motor is overloaded it will stop. This is a thermal trip and will take a few moments before it automatically resets.

What Colours are available for RODA Mobile Master Antennas?

Powder coated ‘Aztec Silver’ standard. Non standard powder coating colours at extra cost. No metallic Colours Available.

Why are no metallic coating available?

Metallic paint would shield the coil, therefore reducing the Q, making the lower mast lossy resulting in reduction of the radiation efficiency of the antenna.

How does the Mobile Master compare to other mobile whips?

This style of whip is more highly represented in the mobile’ big guns’ than almost any other antenna - It’s about the most efficient wide band type around.

Are they road legal?

Always refer to your Australian State Roads and Transport authority or New Zealand Traffic Authority for their preferred mounting position of antennas. We have mounted our antennas on the rear of our personal motor vehicles with great success in operation and if any radiation loss is experienced, we have accepted the small amount of loss in terms of benefits in safety. (See photos)


Please feel free to email us regarding your quiries. We are more than happy to answer your Questions

FANT now in Development


or if you like an F call compact home base antenna - Most Foundation licence operators have not had the experience at producing their own antennas. Dave has seen a need for these operators and is developing a simple to install 80 40 15 & 10 metre solution.


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