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Phil 2013

I purchased the Mobile Master Antenna after seeing it demonstrated at the Gosford Field Day this year.

Having the product displayed and operable on the day and with the stand manned by the developers and manufacturers, Dave and Ron, the decision to buy the "Aussie" product over others was simple. Their assurances about the operability and performance of the product was based on their passion for Amateur Radio, their technical expertise and their exhaustive "on the road"

I have to say that the product has worked perfectly for me and the ability to change the resonant frequency of the antenna from the steering position allows me to swap bands and play ANYWHERE between 80m and 10m. Previously with the multiband antenna I had to stop, jump out and make my band changes then scramble back in and hope the opening or station is still there.

I was very impressed with the performance of the multiband HF antenna I used to use and by comparison the Mobile Master Antenna hasn't dissapointed. On receive there are some areas of my regular route where the Mobile Master is perhaps an S point better but on the whole it's performance is as good as what I was using. On transmit the FT-857D is very comfortable loading up very nicely at 100W with great signal reports from the "locals" on 10m and elsewhere on 80, 40, 20 and 15m bands where I have racked up contacts from all over the World with great success.

This Mobile Master Antenna has performed as good as or better than any other mobile antenna I have used on my vehicle and it's Australian made.
Easy decision isn't it.

Phil R. VK2VR

Jason F Ball Sunday, July 14, 2013

"These are a LOCALLY MADE screw driver antenna, and having seen the antenna inside and out at the last dural ham fest I have no doubt about the quality of the product"

FANT now in Development


or if you like an F call compact home base antenna - Most Foundation licence operators have not had the experience at producing their own antennas. Dave has seen a need for these operators and is developing a simple to install 80 40 15 & 10 metre solution.


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